SEO – Search Engine Optimization

“Google It”. That’s the catch phrase for searching for anything you can imagine on the Internet.  And Google does a fantastic job of categorizing tons of data so that our searches are successful. However, Google doesn’t want you clicking on the organic search information, which is below the sponsored advertisements. Those ads are Google Adwords, and this is how Google makes the bulk of their advertising revenue.  So it’s in Google’s best interest to make it difficult to achieve first page ranking. However, it’s not impossible.

One such example is, where we ranked the keyword “Healthy Living” on the first page of Google, within two months. At, a Toronto SEO web marketing company, we specialize in organic SEO and we’ll do our best to eventually rank our client’s websites on the first page of Google.

Of course, there are several key factors to achieving first page results; one critical factor is having enough content; which includes pictures, word copy and videos. The other is the use of embedded keywords; these are unique words or phrases that identify your clients to your product, service or brand, and lastly, SEO techniques, such as link building and on and off-page SEO.

The organic search results, for people, is the only option when searching Google or the other search engines, as compared to clicking on sponsored ads, because most people consider the organic results to be more genuine.

We specialize in organic SEO, by-hand. We do all our SEO manually, no automation software is used in any of SEO techniques, because Google knows the difference, and so we get better results. Bottom line, at, we drive SEO traffic to your website and business to your doorstep. Call us today at 416.247.8324.