What is SMM?

SMM is Social Media Marketing.  It’s about broadcasting your social presence through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social web portals.

Why is SMM important for business?

SMM helps get your message out quickly, to a vast “like minded” audience, to educated this potential customer base of new and exciting updates about your business.

But who has time to post SMM message these days, everyone is busy running their businesses, and who has the knowledge to manage Facebook, Twitter and the like?  With social media there’s definitely a learning curve, so how does a business these days leverage social media marketing positively for their business?

Businesses in Toronto and around the globe are calling web marketing companies like ours, because we specialize in social media.  At we’ll create your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts and then populate those pages with continuity in mind, so that the theme of your website flows across each social media consistently.

Bottom line, we will create a campaign, manage the process and then provide a measurable response that we can track. Your business will then receive weekly progress reports, feedback on those reports and then adjust the campaign as we go.

Social media marketing is not a fad, it works hand in hand with SEO and is a necessary part to an online marketing strategy.  Let us help you define SMM for your company today.  Please give us a call at 416.247.8324 and we’ll help drive traffic to your social media and business to your doorstep!